Hiking Guidelines

Hiker Responsibility

  • Hikers should acquaint themselves with hike details and be sure it is within their ability.
  • Each hiker must accept responsibility for his/her own safety.
  • Hikers MUST NOT: go ahead of the hike leader; fall behind the sweep or leave the party at any time for any reason without advising the hike leader, a co-leader or other designated agent.
  • Each hiker must carry appropriate clothing, food and water for the planned trip. This includes rain gear (Colorado mountain weather is unpredictable).
  • For safety reasons, you must wear hiking boots.
  • Hikers will stay on marked trails.
  • Hikers should bring Lunch unless otherwise instructed in the schedule (occasionally we eat out and occasionally lunch is provided.)
  • For safety reasons, dogs are not allowed on SkiMeister scheduled hikes
  • If a member hiker brings a guest, it is that member’s duty to hike with and stay with his guest at all times. The member must call the hike leader to advise them that they will be bringing a guest. All guests will be required to sign a release form. This form can be printed from this website by a member prior to the hike.

Leader’s Rights and Responsibilities

A hike leader shall have the following rights:

  • Set a maximum number of people for his/her hike. All hikes must have a minimum of four people for safety reasons.
  • Refuse participation to any hiker he/she deems is unprepared.
  • Terminate a hike if conditions become unsafe in his/her opinion.

A hike leader has the following responsibilities:

  • Confirm with the appropriate authorities if there are any group size restrictions for the hike and whether or not a permit is required – more and more areas are trying to reduce the impact on our wilderness areas./li>
  • Provide accurate directions to the trailhead from the meeting place.
  • Be familiar with the trail, creek crossings, etc.
  • Provide information regarding the location of bathroom facilities./li>
  • Take a headcount and report same to Hiking Coordinator for record keeping./li>
  • Hike Leaders usually provide snacks and beverages after hikes. Please limit snacks to 4 food items (or less) and non-alcoholic beverages such as water, juice or sports drinks.