Trips & Events


SkiMeisters sponsor four annual special events. These four events are subsidized by the SkiMeisters to reduce the cost to members.
They are:

  • A Winterfest Party is usually held at a facility such as a hotel with banquet facilities. We usually have a social hour, entertainment, dinner. The Winterfest Party is usually announced in the Pre-Winter Flurries.
  • Our Spring Brunch has been held the first Sunday in May at a country club or restaurant. New members are welcomed into SkiMeisters at this event. The Spring Brunch is usually announced in the Late-Winter Flurries.
  • A Summerfest Event may be held at a commercial establishment in or around Denver, or it may be held at a mountain property. Usually, hiking, biking, golf and other activities are included. The Summer Event is usually announced in the Spring Flurries.
  • The Annual Meeting/Fall Dinner has been held at a country club or restaurant. It is held on the first Friday in October. New board members are elected from a list of nominations and then introduced. Officers are chosen by the Board of Directors. At the meeting an update is given on current programs with an emphasis on the coming ski season. The Annual Meeting and Dinner is usually announced in the Summer and Fall Flurries.

Non-subsidized Special Social Events are also arranged from time to time. Examples of some of these events are:

  • Theater tickets to popular plays
  • Tickets to popular events, such as the Sound of the Rockies Barbershop Performance
  • Local sports events, such as the HeartCycle Colorado Women’s Tour

These types of events require SkiMeisters Board approval. All these events are published in the Flurries along with sign-up reservation forms. There will be at least one contact person for each event.


There are usually several trips per year involving SkiMeisters. Special Trips involving overnight stays, not in the local area are often made available to SkiMeister members. Some, such as the annual Downhill Ski Trip and Cross-Country Ski Trip, are organized by SkiMeisters. Others are planned via outside resources and made available to members. Each of these Special Trips require SkiMeisters Board approval and are announced in The Flurries along with sign-up reservation forms. Rules for reservation deadlines, participation by guest and others who are not SkiMeisters members and announcement of the trip leaders will be contained in The Flurries.