Downhill Policies

Policies, Rules, & Guidelines

  • To insure safety for yourself and others, members must always ski in control.
  • All SkiMeisters and their guests must wear helmets. adhered to by the guide. In making your selection, please consider your level of tiredness and the frequency you have skied lately. Ski with a lower level until you know that you meet the requirements for the next higher level. You may wish to take a lesson to prepare you for the next higher level. If you choose to ski at a lower level that you normally do, you must ski at the level of that group. Do not expect to ski at a speed or on runs normally reserved for a higher group level.
  • Beginning skiers are encouraged to take professional lessons before joining a group.

Guest Policy

  • A particular guest may ski with SkiMeisters twice per season.
  • A guest must sign the SkiMeisters Acknowledgement and Release Form. For legal reasons the signed form will be retained in the club files.
  • Each guest must be sponsored by a club member each day he/she skies with the club.
  • The sponsor must ski with the guest the entire time the guest skis with the club. This precludes the guest and the member skiing in different level groups./li>