Biking Policies

Helmets MUST be worn on all rides.

Rides are among friends and SkiMeisters assumes no responsibility for the participants.

Riders are expected to carry tools and spare tubes for their own bikes.

Rides START at the designated time, we do not wait for people who pull into the parking lot at the scheduled time.

Riders are expected to be able to complete at least a 20-mile ride, but some groups may split from the main group and “do their own thing”. If anyone plans to do something other than ride with the main group, he or she must inform the ride coordinator in advance.

Riders are expected to know and follow a minimum of safety rules including but not limited to:

  • Ride single file unless the trail is wide enough to accommodate two abreast.
  • If riding side-by-side, attention must be given to traffic approaching from both the front and the rear. When traffic approaches riders must resume single file.
  • Talking and riding must be done with the realization that it’s analogous to talking on a cell phone and driving. Part of the rider’s attention is diverted from paying attention to watching what is going on with the trail ahead and controlling the bike.
  • When riding single file follow at a safe distance.
  • When the group stops for any reason, riders should get off the trail to allow other traffic to get by safely.
  • Street crossings are done in accordance to pedestrian rules i.e. cross at crosswalks and with the traffic signals. (if appropriate)
  • When passing, riders should announce in a loud voice “passing” well before arriving at the passing point.
  • When stopping on the trail riders should announce in a loud voice “stopping” and if possible extend the right hand palm facing rearward.
  • Guests are welcome but must complete a SkiMeisters liability release form.
  • No Headphones are to be used while riding.
  • Rearview mirrors are strongly recommended.
  • Use hand signals to indicate right or left turns, slowing down or stopping.
  • Move completely off the road, shoulder or trail if stopping or resting.
  • REMEMBER—you may have the right-of-way, but cars are bigger! Be Alert!!

SkiMeisters bike rides should start with restroom facilities close by or available shortly after the start of the ride.

Lunch should be at a facility able to handle the sometimes-considerable numbers who turn out for rides, 30+ in some cases.

When entering a sit down restaurant SkiMeisters should group up in table sized bunches for seating (4 to 6) as it makes serving and bill paying much easier.

Riders in front should stop periodically for a water break and to let slower riders catch up to the group.

On rides with complicated routes we use the corner system where more competent riders man a route change until the designated sweep approaches.

Water is very important especially on hot days and should be carried on every ride.

If snacks are desired, each rider should carry their own preferred food.