The SkiMeisters Biking Group meets, weather permitting, on most Mondays from May through October. Most of the rides in May and June are in the metro Denver area on the numerous bike trails. From July through September we ride mostly in the mountains. We usually finish the season in October back in the Denver area. While we try to do most of our rides on bike trails, there is some road riding.

Bicycle safety is constantly stressed in our program.

How to participate

  • Contact the Director of SkiMeister Biking. Find contact information in the Member-only section of this website.
  • Obtain the latest Flurries edition for information about the spring, summer and fall biking program.
  • Check the SkiMeister Blogs (category = Biking) in the member-only website for ride schedules, events, etc.
  • Check the weekly emails for the most current ride information
  • Be on time! All Bikers are expected be at the meeting spot, ready to ride, at the designated time
  • Helmets are mandatory on all rides.

Off-road Biking

There is not an active off-road biking group. Such a group might be arranged if there is sufficient interest.

Biking Policies

Learn about our Biking Policy, Rules, & Guidelines