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SkiMeisters is a ski club that meets regularly at Winter Park, Colorado to ski with old and new friends at various skill levels. We have been doing this since the early 1980’s. Members may also participate in cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, and biking.

The minimum age to join SkiMeisters is 55, though, if a couple wishes to join, only one individual must be 55. The club is limited to 400 full memberships and presently, there is a wait list of 2 to 3 years before full membership is offered. An associate downhill membership (ADM) is available which allows one to only downhill ski with the club while on the list awaiting full membership.

At this time it cost nothing to get on the wait list. Invitations are offered once per year in late August for full membership to those high on the list. To the remainder of those who are on the wait list by August 31st, invitations are sent to as many as possible for admission to our ADM program. Membership invitations are valid for two weeks so you need to respond within this period. Those on the wait list who will be out of touch by email during the late August/early September time period should contact Membership at before this period so that plans can be made.

If you are invited and decide to join as an associate member, the cost is $75 per year. Associate membership is only available until the year that full membership is offered. Once invited, full membership carries a one-time initiation fee of $125 per person. Annual dues are presently $95. All members (Full and ADM) and their guests must sign a comprehensive acknowledgment of risks and release of liability of SkiMeisters for any event they participate in. A copy of this release will be sent to you in your application packet. You may request this packet using the contact form on this page.

Please note: SkiMeisters, as an organization, does not serve alcohol at our events though members may usually bring their own. When alcohol is available at a cash bar, it must be purchased from the licensed vendor who is servicing that event.

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